About Us

Who We Are

We are an eel cultivation company which is Co-Founded by Japanese companies and an Indonesian expert who already have their original technologies and networks. We built facilities of breeding eel from early stages in a place with clean and fresh water in Banyuwangi, East Jawa, with the approval and fully support from the government, local residents and local community.


We continuously conduct research in order to produce high-quality eels based on the technologies of Japan and Indonesia, special facilities and various kind of data.All employees are Indonesian and they are making a consistent effort everyday with integrity and diligence.


We sell living eels (from young stage to adult stage) to distributors. In addition, we are planning to expand our business to the field of eel processing, (cutting, grilling, freezing and packaging) in the next few years.


We will contribute to mutual cooperation in and development of the "Eel Cultivation Industry" by conducting seminars of eel cultivation technology and participating in eel cultivators' community actively.


a. We will continue to pursue the safe, healthy and tasty eels for the people.
b. We will continue to improve our technology and system in order to create harmony between the environment and humans.


We will contribute to the "Development and Sustainability of the Eel culture" in the world, and make people smile.