Clean and Healthy Environment

(Banyuwangi) – PT. Singgasana Unagi Indonesia has a vision to be a healthy and good quality eel producer. To realize it, clean facilities and equipment are required.

Every 2 hours in each day,  our operators check the ponds water condition to make sure that water quality is good and there’s no problem in each pond. In addition, prior to entering the building of ponds, all operators or other parties are required to use a sterilized boot with liquid disinfectant to keep the pond water free from disease-causing bacteria or virus.

Not only eel pond, but also the whole environment in our farm should be kept clean.  The company also has a program “Jum’at Bersih”. It is special time of cleaning and all employees clean our farming place together every Friday. Furthermore, we prohibit to smoke in the area of ponds and we have a special place to smoke. The location is away from the area of eel ponds so that there’s no adverse implication of cigarettes to our pond water.

We believe that a clean environment will create not only the comfort of work for all employees, but also the high-quality and healthy eels. And we’ll continue this effort forever with a pride of eel producer.