Opening Ceremony

Banyuwangi (30/8/2016) – PT. Singgasana Unagi Indonesia established and officially recognized by Government (of Republic of Indonesia) on October, 10th 2015. After completed of First Step Infrastructure development, PT Singgasana Unagi Indonesia held Opening Ceremony on August 30th, 2016. This Event has meant that operational of Eel’s cultivation which locates in Banyuwangi-East Java officially Started.

We invited the staff of government, Police, Military, also the resident and we could feel their enthusiasm for this event. Furthermore, this event also was attended by Company’s Shareholders and Directors which comes from Japan.

The opening ceremony which went on for four hours marked the ribbon cutting, greetings from various parties, both local officials and the directors of the company. Not only that, entertainment from the local band and competitions that held in this community adds to the festive event

“We would like to say thank you to all parties who have been supporting this event. We believe that we can do this business well and proud to be in the midst of warmth’s residents, especially Sumberberas villager who is supporting us in running our business. We are aware that this company will not run impeccable without the assistance of all”. said the directors of PT Singgasana Unagi Indonesia.

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