Corporate Social Responsibility

Banyuwangi, 28 Mei 2018 – PT.Singgasana Unagi Indonesia in Muncar Banyuwangi shows the credibility in producing eel fish with good quality. According to our company’s vision, we provide the best products for the society. So our company do the activities Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through a variety of internal and external programs.

One of the CSR activities conducted last year was education by distributing school equipments such as pencils, books, and bags, for students who have good competence. And for CSR activities this year was a donation for society because this is the month of Ramadan, so we are distributing basic necessities such as rice, coffee, sugar, oil, tea, and biscuits for widows, senior citizen, and community in the area of our company.

These donations are given as one form of our commitment to help the community at a time when prices of basic necessities are expensive in this Ramadhan. Almost every month of Ramadan the prices of basic necessities are expensive. Through this program our company would like to share happiness with the senior citizen especially widows who live around the company. Our company and the government of the village can work together and support each other, it is visible in this CSR program implementation that was attended by the government of the village.