Independence Day Competition

Singgasana Unagi Indonesia for the first time participated in Gerak Jalan Tradisional on August 25th, 2018 held by the Banyuwangi Government in commemoration of the 73rd Indonesian republic.

The distance of this Gerak Jalan Tradisional 2018 is 45 km. Gambiran sub-district as the starting point and Rogojampi sub-district as the end point. Many parties took part in the event such as educational institutions, government agencies and private institutions like us.

We delivered a team of 11 people which was a combination of employees from various departments. We had prepared for the event by purchasing costume, pre-training and more. It was very nice to join this Gerak Jalan traditional event since we could feel that, we are part of Banyuwangi district. Through this event, we hope that our relationship with the government and the people of Banyuwangi get tighter and more harmonious.