Japanese Language Class

(Banyuwangi) – Language is the human ability to communicate with other human using sign, e.g words and movements. It helps people to work together and it is an important part of human life.

PT. Singgasana Indonesia is collaborating with youth organization of nearby community to conduct japanese language class. It is held in SUI’s training room every Wednesday from 18.30 – 20.00. And this class is followed by childrens up to parents in near community of SUI’s farming office.

The Lesson content is like hiragana letter and standart conversation in japanese language. Not only study of japanese language, but students also learn to sing and play games so that they are not bored.

By continuing these event, we hope to give them new knowledge, which is not taught in school. Furthermore, we hope that participants can communicate using japanese language and that they can know how important the language (as a way of communcation) is for their life..