Joint Prayer Routine Activities Before Starting Work at the Company

(Banyuwangi) – PT Singgasana Unagi Indonesia always has a unique way to maintain harmony, cohesiveness and togetherness among employees. In addition to POS UKK health activities and the company’s contribution to the community through CSR programs, there is also one quite interesting activity, namely prayer together every morning before starting a job. This joint prayer activity is held every day where all departments gather to carry out this activity, even though the program lasts several minutes before work is considered very effective.

In starting a job, prayer is also one of the important elements. The Pray can instill gratitude to employees, become more enthusiastic and religious. Where each employee takes turns leading a prayer. Exactly at 08.00, all employees of PT. Singgasana Unagi Indonesia start its activities by praying in the morning. For companies, this morning prayer can create a positive atmosphere among employees. After finishing the prayer, the employees were given the opportunity to provide information about the work that needs to be delivered. We hope this kind of activity will continue.