Occupational Health and Safety (K3)

Banyuwangi 2018, Occupational health and safety (K3) is one of the efforts in our company to make our workplace, safe, healthy, and free of accidents. So it can improve the efficiency and productivity of work. Accidents not only bring some risks of health to the workers, but it can also interfere with the overall production process.

Safety became important because it relates to the performance of the employee. Facilities also affect the probability of an accident. Terms of safety have been regulated in law No. 1 year 1970, such as : prevent and reduce accidents, give help on accident, obtain sufficient and appropriate lighting and keep the hygiene health, discipline, good air temperatures.

Our company has just officially announced the Facility (K3) with the Department of Health Sumberberas. This facility was built as a form of our attention and support for employees. This facility is used for inspection every month and hopefully to maintain the health of employees. We also provide knowledge about first aid in case of accident. Our company and they work together and support each other to build this facility. Our company hold the opening ceremony of our program “Occupational Health and Safety (K3)” attended by them.