Quality of Seed is The Important Determinant of Cultivation

(Banyuwangi) – PT. Singgasana Unagi Indonesia is a fish cultivation company using modern cultivation system. In this system, quality control in the stage of seeds like Glass eel are very important. Glass eel is the smallest stage of eel that can be inputted to the ponds or aquariums after they are catched in the nature and this stage is also the determinant to following all stages until adult eel.

We have original standards to select good Glass eels and to input them to our ponds. Not only they should be active and clear, but also they must have a regular rotating motion in the water. The water in destination pond is also always controlled by appropriate water system. For example water temperature, high dissolved oxygen, and so on. This control is done every hour by our operators on duty.

We are also very concerned about the quality of feed given to glass eel. Our feed for Glass eel has the original formula with the best quality. Furthermore, the discipline of feeding time is important, too. By maintaining the quality control for these seeds, PT. Singgasana Unagi Indonesia is expected to be a company that can produce good quality eel and can compete in the big eel market in Indonesia.