Sorting Activities

One of the routine activities in our Company that is done every 2 months is the process of sorting eels. This activity aims to determine the level of fish growth and to uniform fish size, which is separating small and large fish. This sorting can also prevent cannibalism among the eels in the same pond like large eels eat small eels. Although the size of fishes is almost same when they are distributed to the pond, the size of the fish in the ponds differs a lot after 2 months because the growth of each fish is not same like human.

In addition to homogenizing the size of the fishes, the sorting process is also carried out to separate fish that are less healthy (sick) and thin-skinned (kuntet) so that the disease doesn’t spread to other healthy fishes. We usually input sick eels into the quarantine pond for the treatment process. We use salt or change water more frequently to treat them.

The process of sorting is tough task for our operators. But all employees in our company works hard to provide good quality eels with customers. We will continue these efforts with a pride of PT Singgasana Unagi Indonesia as a good farmer of eels.