The Feeding

(Banyuwangi) – on January 2018 PT. Singgasana Unagi Indonesia has a lot of routine in daily activities related with production. One of these routine activities is feeding eels in the morning and evening every day. Company has created rules and schedules for this and all employees must follow the rules taking responsibility for it.

We have a own original feed formula that focuses on the nutritional content in it. It is our responsibility to keep the quality of the feed to grow eels well and to make eels nutrient-rich.

The volume of feed is adjusted in accordance with the number, the health condition and the appetite of eels in each pond, to avoid the occurrence of shortage or excess of feed that gives some negative impacts to eels. It’s not easy to control the volume of feed in each pond but we are making efforts checking the condition of eels every day for our good farming quality.