The importance of employee productivity

Employees are one of the most important resources for a company. Different from other resources, they are specific resources because they have behaviors, feelings, reason and life goals to be achieved.  An employee can be said to be productive if he is able to work consistently and able to produce good performance, even better.

PT. SUI is providing a good work environment and this strategy is one of the factors that can increase the productivity of employees in the company. Then giving training will have a big influence on employee performance.

PT. SUI conducts direct supervision of all employees and management control systems. And we also provides rewards to employees. Many employees actually have much potential, but sometimes they are afraid to develop their potential. In addition,we also provides motivation to move forward so that they get their own strength in working. As you know, motivation is a way to increase employee productivity effectively but we want to support them by our own strategies to improve their performance.