The treatment of eels before sale

(March 2018) Our Company, PT SUI sells three size option of eels 200-250 grams, 250-300 grams, and 300-more grams. Those kinds of size are adapted to local market needs, and we are focusing on domestic market.

Before we send and sells our eels to consumer, we give special treatment to eels for 2 days, to keep good quality of eels as SUI’s product. We don’t only sell eels but can also provide training to consumers so that they can serve eels to their customers as “Kabayaki” that is very popular in Japan.

Our product has the best quality, since we are maintaining the pond with clean groundwater and we don’t use chemical drugs, to keep eels in good condition during their growth in our farm. Feed for eels is also including a lot of protein, many kinds of vitamins and other important nutritions. Therefore SUI’s eels grow optimally and have better nutrition value.