Welcome For New Employee in PT Singgasana Unagi Indonesia

(Banyuwangi) – on 6th December 2017, PT. Singgasana Unagi Indonesia held an event welcoming to new employees, this activity had a goal to strengthen cooperation to fellow workers. All employees with total 25 people participated in this event, employees from various divisions following this event, the activity is very effective for maintaining solidarity existing employees at PT. Singgasana Unagi Indonesia.

This event has become a tradition in the company, as well as a form of appreciation and concern for the employees of the company. The concept of this activity are all involved in working together to make the activity being good and effective. Foods and beverages as well as some processed sidat fish which is in production by the company are also served by employees.

We can make good working environment without difficulty if all employees are friendly and respect each other. So, it’s also our responsibility to give experience and knowledge to new employees with good relation like above.